Allison is proud the call The Thirteenth Step her first novel. She has enjoyed writing since the age of thirteen and is currently is working on another novel.


TheThirteenth Step

The Thirteenth Step

ISBN-13: 978-1495924088


Hayden Evans is a young woman plagued by mental illness and addiction. After years of struggling with mood swings, alcohol, and pain pills, she finds herself nearly dead after a suicide attempt. Her stay in the Oak Forest psychiatric hospital becomes lengthy after her poor control over her episodes and apathy towards group participation. However, when young Vincent Adams is admitted, she finds herself mildly intrigued. The pair form a unique friendship which is soon threatened by another jealous patient, Kara. She spreads a rumor that the pair are “having relations”, as the counselor puts it. Hayden finds her sobriety and road to recovery on the line after the staff finds out about the rumor. Will Hayden ever come to terms with her suicide attempt? Will she and Vincent be kicked out of Oak Forest and thrust back into society? What really happened between Hayden and Vincent?

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